Kochi — the Proverbial Queen of Arabia

Kochi or Cochin—whatever you choose to call it by—it will never cease to amaze anyone visiting. There is an uncanny attraction to the city for different type of travelers and each aspect of the city appeals differently. The city has always tried to embrace the past and craftily blended it with the present for a rare confluence of everything a traveler yearns to find in his journey.
There are grandeurs of the kings that ruled the land. There are beautiful remnants on the colonialism that blend surprisingly with the busy lives of the local people. There are wonders of nature that can give any nature-lover a treat of a lifetime. And all this complemented by the buzzing city that represents the very urban life like everywhere else, is sure to result in holidays that must be cherished for years to come. Kochi also has a rich tradition of art and culture. Kochi-Muziris Biennale is one of the best international exhibitions of contemporary art held in Kochi usually from December to March and this one is an incredible opportunity for the lovers of art.
Kochi is unsurprisingly original and resonates well with the charm of Kerala in the most extravagant sense all the same welcoming several cultures and lifestyles the most elegant way.

KochiQueen of Arabia

Munnar- Kerala’s Own Resort Town

Munnar is Kerala’s own resort town that is blessed with green clad mountains beautifully blanketed with milky-white mist. Munnar is the place where three mountain torrents meet each other and hence the name Munnar, that literally means three rivers in the local dialect. Munnar has grown to become one of the most visited and preferred holiday spots for travelers across the world.
Munnar has everything that a holiday buff looks forward to enjoying at a holiday spot. Perhaps, one may often get what is expected and beyond every expectation. A wide expanse of green tea plantation which is the biggest in South India, the spice scented chilly atmosphere; Munnar is way more than your regular holiday spot.
Exotic and astonishingly rare flora and fauna is another incredible facet that gives chills and thrills to anyone that loves nature in its glory. Nilgiri tahr; an endangered species of mountain ungulate endemic to this part of the Western Ghats, and the Neelakurinji plant that blossoms every 12 years covering the entire mountain range with a celestial carpet of blue are a treat to the eyes.
The serene peaks of Munnar offer the adventurous you with the thrills of trekking, paragliding and rock climbing. Also, you can enjoy trout fishing in the shimmering waters of numerous inland rivers to create memories that last forever.

HoneymoonResort Town


A visit to Thekkady is the best way to enjoy a jungle vacation in the most thrilling of ways. Often regarded as one of the incredible wildlife reserves in India, the Periyar Tiger reserve of Thekkady is the biggest of its kind. Presenting itself as a perfect haven for adventure and nature lovers, the reserve spans over the entire district. Its splendor is further enhanced by the scenic plantations and hill towns unlike any other place a traveler might have seen anywhere else.
One might find Thekkady extremely different from various other natural parks, as one can easily come across various animals in close quarter while on a boating in the lake. One can often sight animals such as elephant, wild boar, barking deer, sambar deer, bison and various kinds of birds. And on a lucky day, tiger, wild dog, bear and leopard etc. can also be sighted.
To keep the adrenaline pumping, Thekkady also has in its sleeve various adventure attractions as well. Bamboo rafting in the dam catchment area, hiking in the midst of the wild expanse of the forest and mountain walks through rugged, unbeaten paths—all can add to the sheer excitement that the place always is known for. With a bountiful of never-ending excitements for all types of visitors with diverse tastes and expectations, Thekkady is one place that will never let you down.



When a place is known as the ‘Venice of the East’, it explains all there need to be told. Even then, Alleppy has so much more to it than the name suggests. Enjoying the undisputed maritime history of Kerala, Alleppy is known mostly for its tranquil lagoons, meander canals, serene backwaters boat races and houseboats. As the district itself, the lifestyle of place is always a subject of intrigue and deservingly so as everyone’s life in the countryside is unendingly entwined with the water-bodies that surround them.
Alleppy is breathtakingly overwhelming with its green expanses of paddy fields, small villages and islets, boulevard of coconut trees, coin industry and marine products. Alleppy beach is another attraction of the place that boasts of a pier built into the sea around 137 years old. The lighthouse in the beach and numerous exciting entertainment facilities arranged for the sheer enjoyment of the visitors also make the beach a must-see place for anyone visiting Alleppy.
One of the most sought after experience in Alleppy is a cruise though the backwaters in a houseboat and it is an experience that is sure to stay fresh in any travelers’ mind even after a long time.
Alleppy is also blessed with its location as the place is connected well through inland waterways to Kochi and Kumarakom, which are important tourist destinations in Kerala.



Houseboats are a rarity that is unique to the backwaters of the God’s own Country—Kerala. When visiting Kerala a cruise through the backwaters of Kerala in a magnificent Houseboat is on anyone’s plan. The backwaters of Kerala has everything unique about Kerala ingrained all over it. It contains numerous smaller and larger brackish lagoons, inland canals and lakes making it an integral part of the tourism map of the state.
Cruising on the emerald backwaters on a houseboat is an impeccable experience that is worth sharing and cherishing. A cruise in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala is sure to make the traveler’s jaw drop. Enjoying the magnificent view offered by the shores of the backwaters one can skim through the fabled Chinese nets, smaller fishing trolleys, lush green paddy fields, rugged homes and coconut avenues, one can always find beauty in every ordinary thing. Backwater cruise can only get more magical when the dusk falls.
Houseboats can be regarded as large modern barges equipped with all amenities that can even defy the comforts offered by a five star hotel. If mere thought of floating on the backwaters of Kerala in a magnificent houseboat is exhilarating, what could be it to actually have the experience?



Aptly called as the Evergreen City of India, Trivandrum is the capital of the state of Kerala surrounded by The Arabian Sea on the west and the neighboring state Tamil Nadu on the east. Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram as called in the native language, the city is christened after Anantha Padmanabha or Lord Vishnu. Trivandrum was a kingdom ruled by the kings of Travancore and the remains of the kingdom such as wonderful palaces, museums and other buildings of historical importance can often seen in the buzzing city.
Trivandrum is also an excellent spot for people who love art and music. The capital also has numerous temples of which Sri Padmanabha Temple is the prime attraction of the city. The architectural and artistic work that can be observed on the walls of the temples here will sure intrigue anyone about the architectural methods and artistic influence.
Trivandrum is also blessed with the wooden highlands that stretch from the Western Ghats provide Trivandrum with some of the most exotic touring spots such as Ponmudi, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary etc. The world famous beaches of Kovalam and Shanghumukham need no introduction at all. A quiet, yet active city, Trivandrum can always delight any type of traveler with its cultural heritage, exotic cuisines and religious vigor.

Evergreen CityShanghumukham


Kovalam—what used to be a quiet, small fishing village—is one of the most famous international beaches sought after by many international travelers. Kovalam is characterized by three different crescent shaped beaches—The Lighthouse Beach, The Hawah Beach and the Samudra Beach—that are simply awe-inspiring.
The Lighthouse beach is the most outstanding of the three beaches and witnesses more international tourists visiting the same. This beach is the most developed offering great entertainment and leisure to the travelers. The Hawah beach has named its name it was the only topless beach in India. However, topless bathing is now banned here but retains the natural beauty of the beach intact. The Samudra beach is mostly underdeveloped beach that is dense and mostly occupied by fisherman of the area. The shores here are rocky and it is advised not to take a swim as the beach is mostly vacant.
Being a typical beach area, Kovalam never disappoints providing numerous options for leisure activities. Kovalam has enough and more to satisfy any wandering soul that comes to its embrace. One can go for swimming or take a lesson on surfing. Whether one wants to partake in a cultural program or let oneself feel the immaculate healing of Ayurveda through a herbal body toning massage—you name it, Kovalam has everything for everyone.

Evergreen CityKovalam


For someone who loves to see the sunset and sunrise in all its grandeur and eclectic beauty in the same beach, Kanyakumari is the place to go. It would be difficult for someone to actually find a place as unique as Kanyakumari as it is the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. The place is also famous for pristine beaches, green clad hills, rivers and rivulets that make it an exciting place to go on a vacation.
Unlike most tourist places of the neighboring Kerala, Kanyakumari has vibrant and deep traditions of Tamil Nadu which are evidently visible in every little aspects of the place. This display of rural culture and traditions are a treat to the eyes of the visitors letting them know of the unique culture of the place. This is more evident in the glorious temples and splendid buildings that one can visit while on a vacation to the place. The artistic work and architectural style of the temples is another intriguing object of fascination for visitors.
Kanyakumari is also an important shopping destination and the souvenirs one can collect from here are a great way to fondle the memories of visiting a serene and vibrant place. For those who love textiles and fabrics, some of varieties that can be found here are worth a bargain.



Blessed with virgin forests, jungle trails, uncanny mountain caves and numerous legends and tree houses, Wayanad is a complete vacation package for everybody. Tucked carefully on the southern end of the Deccan Plateau, Wayanad is so positioned to enjoy all the great thrills that a hill station can ask for. The unique geological terrain of the place grants it a look and feel that is so foreign to a place in the otherwise warmer state of Kerala.
Wayanad is blessed with abundant natural resources such as dense forests, rare flora and fauna and ancient ruins that the nature has preserved for later generations. For travelers who love nature in all its grandeur, Wayanad will never disappoint you. The way of life of the aborigine tribal endemic to Wayanad will intrigue the cultural enthusiast in you for sure. For a district that is sets as high as 2100 above the sea level, it boasts of two dams which are excellent places to enjoy the scenic view of the hill station.
Truly called as the ‘Green Paradise’ due to the immensely rich forest resource, Wayanad also is an excellent place to unwind the adventure-lover in you. With numerous forest trails, mountains, trekking areas, lakes and islands, it is never easy to say good bye to the place and tread back home from a place that is pristine and enchanting as Wayanad is.

Virgin forestsJungle trails

Sri Lanka

It would be surprising or anyone to know about the wonders and excitements that Sri Lanka has rolled up in its sleeves for a relatively smaller tropical island country. With its cultural and geographical uniqueness, Sri Lanka has grown to become an important international tourist destination for people from across the globe. Unlike most of the famous vacation spots across the world, Sri Lanka offers natural beauty untainted and unspoilt.
Home to diverse cultures, numerous religions and ethnic groups and languages, Sri Lanka is a place to be for anyone that wants to enjoy life in its simple, elegant yet magnificent of ways. For some one that wants to enjoy a little adrenaline rush, there are a plethora of options such as diving, surfing, jungle safaris, trekking and swimming. There are beautiful sand beaches, oodles of elephants, stunning and jaw-dropping landscapes, coconut groves and Udawalawe National Park, for people interested to enjoy the natural beauty of the island nation.
Sri Lanka also holds a unique cultural and religious identity as it is truly a home to Buddhism. This very identity can be observed permeating in everything that the country offers and presents. This very diversity is what made the little country a prime tourist destination that sees flocks of visitors. And for a nation known for its serene smiles, you are bound to be surprised.

Sri LankaHome to Buddhism


Small yet beautiful, this island country is located on the Equator notably famous for cleanliness and the safety it provides. Touted as the most futuristic and modern city of Asia, Singapore has seen exponential growth in the number of people visiting this bustling city. One of the important things to know while in Singapore is the local laws as even a little act as spitting on the public space can attract severe penalty on you.
Singapore is an incredible confluence of architecture, exfoliating cuisines, diverse culture and arts like nowhere else. All these attractions function complementing each other making every trip to this city of happening worthwhile and grant new things to enjoy, experience and cherish.
What welcomes travelers and visitors in Singapore are the extravagant infrastructure wonders, an abundance of theme parks, magnificent and clear beaches, manmade and natural marvels. All these are a feast to the eyes of the beholder making Singapore the hottest choice in the planet for travelers looking for something new and spectacular every single time.
The cuisines one can enjoy at the streets of Singapore are another thing of joy that travelers are sure to enjoy. As for shopaholics, once in Singapore they can shop ceaselessly at international shopping malls and at streets all while cherishing the experience for years to come.



Malaysia is all about unity in extreme diversity. The picturesque tropical nation homes several cultures, traditions and religions and offers an infallible holiday destination. For a traveler that wants to mix, enjoy and experience Malaysia in all its multiplicity, one cannot ask for a better vacation spot than Malaysia.
One may mistake Malaysia for all its glitz and glamour, but it is equally poignant and eclectic in its diverse natural resources such as emerald reefs, the lush green rain forests, sandy beaches and cost islands. If one wants to get the taste of the flora and fauna of the nation, Taman Negara National Park is the place to go and catch the glimpses some of the rarest a unique plans and animals here.
While Malaysia has its fair share of extravagant cities and entertainments, it never ceases to appeal for the regular people. The colorfully alluring markets and street-life is a complete package in itself for everyone appealing distinctively for everyone.
Thanks to the rich and deep multidimensional cultural confluence that Malaysia is, its calendar is always filled with colorful, vibrant and enthralling festivals. It would be impossible for anyone to experience all of these festivals but at any given time of the year, Malaysia will surely have a festival to surprise you.
Malaysia always leaves more to explore and desire for every time one visits it.



Indonesia is a collection of numerous islands forming the largest archipelago in the world. The archipelago consists of thousands of islands each of which clasps unfound riches of diverse culture, breathtaking landscapes, natural sensations and cities with modern skyscrapers. Indonesia has incredible natural wonders above the land as much as it has under the sea as well.
Bali, the capital city of the country attracts most of the visitors as it features spellbinding locations and places to visit and experience. Apart from the scenic beauty that is on display in Bali, the Bali Bombing Memorial, Bajra Sandhi Monument, and the Tugu Peringatan Bom Bali are popular places of interest making Bali more than eligible to be regarded as one of the best island cities.
The country houses numerous active and dormant volcanoes and the Mount Bromo among them attracts prime interests of the visitors as it is one of the biggest active volcanoes in the world. The Komodo Island, Lake Toba and the Diver’s Paradise-Raja Ampat are the other natural wonders one can visit during a trip to Indonesia.
As much as a basin of numerous natural exquisites, Indonesia is also land of numerous captivating and effervescent cultures, religions, traditions and lifestyles. The numerous temples belonging to different religions and cultures are a treat to anyone’s eyes.
Indonesia is a rare world that is full of surprises waiting to be unfound and explored.

IndonesiaLargest Archipelago


If there is a city that everyone wants to visit once in a lifetime, it surely is Dubai. Nuzzled comfortably across the South East Coast of Persian Gulf is Dubai. Dubai used to be a small trading centre, but has become the epitome of glitz and glamour in all the truest senses of the phrase. One of the major attractions of the city is that it has blended its futuristic look exceptionally well with its tradition without losing their magic of either.
Dubai witnesses millions of visitors from across the world for the sheer wonders that it has to offer. While in Dubai, one is sure to be bewildered of the absolute magnificence the city has in its store. Lengthy sand dunes, unlimited shopping opportunities and the awe-inspiring skyscrapers that Dubai is always known for—one may sure run out of time to experience everything that the city has in its kitty.
Though Dubai has its extravagant share offering shopping grandiose in terms of malls and shopping centers, one must never miss the opportunity to experience of Dubai Shopping Festival. While being a shopping festival, Dubai Shopping Festival is also about enthusiasm, celebration and a global coming together.
Every traveler can be absolutely sure about one thing when in Dubai, that they will never run out of things to do.



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